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If done right, you can manage your finances better and make informed decisions for your company through business accounting. At PazTax, we offer a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management. We prepare financial statements, generate reports, and offer all accounting services you need to keep your business running smoothly. Let us focus on accounting so you can focus on growing and building your business.

Get Your Taxes In Order!

Payroll Services

As a business owner, you can agree that handling your company’s payroll can be a hassle. There are so many things to keep track of, like benefits, deductions, and pay rates. It is especially stressful when you have a lot of employees to settle because of how different individual employee withholding rates can be.

At PazTax, we offer complete payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting services. We accurately process your payroll calculations, payroll tax statements, and year-end taxes. Plus, we adapt to fit any payment structure and any number of employees. Whether you have two employees or a hundred, and you pay your employees weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, the experts at PazTax will manage and process your payroll.


Sales Tax Services

If you own a business in the United States that sells goods or provides some form of service, you need to pay what is known as sales tax on those items. Not paying these taxes or paying the wrong amount can spell disaster for you and your company. You could face harsh penalties, fines, and, in some extreme cases, even imprisonment. The government does not even make it easier. In places like California, in addition to the 7.25% statewide sales tax rate, you need to add district taxes depending on the local jurisdiction your business falls under. Be free from this worry or anxiety with PazTax’s sales tax services. We prepare all sales tax filings and offer full sales tax audit representation. Call us today to learn more!


Bookkeeping is arguably one of the most important accounting processes majorly due to the influence on the growth and financial stability of a company. It is essential for small businesses that plan on reaching specific goals they set for themselves.

At PazTax, we provide full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, receivables and payables, tracking, and analysis.

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